Jaz Cup Brush Twist Knot 80mm x 25mm x 0.8mm – M14 x 2 – Grey Steel (BRUC-0801)

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Designed for use on portable machines (angle grinders)
No wobble as each cup brush is individually tested for correct balancing
The twist knot wire allows: Long working life; High removal capacity; Possibility of working at high speed
Appropriate for brushing large surfaces with a high removal capacity
Used for cleaning and removal of welding scale, metallic structures, ship building, etc.

Jaz Code TT0801LM14
80mm Dia x 25mm Trim Length x 0.8mm Steel Wire
M14 x 2mm Mounting Thread
Cup Brush Twist Knot
Maximum RPM 8,500

80mm x 25mm x M14

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