Manual Brake Bleeder Kit

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Manual Brake Bleeder Kit• Includes Brake Fluid Reservioir Re-filler & Brake Bleed Bottle • Allows One Man Brake Bleeding • Brake Fluid Reservoir Re-filler• Automatically Refills Brake Fluid Reservoir During Brake Bleeding • Retaining Clip Provides Positive Clamping to all Master Cylinder Reservoir Types • Height Adjustment Positions Filler Spout to Maintain Correct Fluid Level During Brake Bleeding; Prevents Running Brake Fluid Reservoir Dry • Positive Venting System Supplies Unbroken Continual Fluid Flow • On-Off Tap Allows Use and Storage Plus Eliminates Brake Fluid Spills • Container Capacity: 600ml • Brake Bleed Bottle • Universal Rubber Fitting Holds Securely on Brake Bleed Screw • Large Collection Bottle Prevents Overfilling • Internal Submersed Tube Prevents Air Drawback During Brake Bleeding • Hanging Hook for Hands Free Use

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