ProEquip Oil/Fluid Extractor 6.0L

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PE1204 | ProEquip Oil/Fluid Extractor 6.0L Features • Requires just 5 to 10 strokes to create a powerful vacuum. • Simple manual operation requires no other tools & assistance. • Efficiently bleeds fluids on vehicles tractors mowers industrial gear boxes etc. Specifications • Capacity: 6 Litre • Pumps 4L of Water Per Minute. • Main Hose O.D.: 9.5mm / Length: 1m • Probe Hose O.D.: 4.8mm / Length: 1.1m • Max. Working Temperature: 93°C Contents • 6L container with check valve carry handle & stabilising base. • Removable manual pump. • Safety cap & pouring spout. • Probe hoses: 2.5 4 6 8mm WARNING: Oil/Fluid Extractor NOT to be used for gasoline and fluids with high volatility high corrosion high alkalinity high temperature.

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